The Perfect kitchen countertop electrical outlet solution.

Introducing Lew Electric’s PUFP CT kitchen countertop pop up outlet, whn you need it, you just press a button and it pops up!


  • Colors: Stainless Steel, Black, Off White, Brass
  • Complies with NEC code 406.5(E) for use in countertops
  • Pops up when in use
  • Hides in the box when not in use
  • For residential or commercial applications
  • Installs in concrete or wood floors
  • Scrub water tight construction


  • All PUFP-CT supplied with 20amp tamper resistant receptacles. 
  • Hardwired power 
  • Waterproof gasket 
  • ETL listed for the USA and Canada 
  • Flush when closed 
  • Bezel dimensions: 4 7/8″ X 4 11/16″
  • Cutout dimensions: 4 1/16″ x 4 1/16″ 
  • Depth under table: 3.13″ 
  • Back box dimensions: 3 15/16″ x 4″ with rounded corners


Q. Looks nice … but what exactly is it? 
A. A pop up electrical outlet. When you need it, you just press a button and it pops up!

Q. What affect does an outlet like this have on the cabinets underneath?
A. We typically build a wall behind the cabinets to put these outlets in so the cabinets are not impacted

Q. Can this outlet be used in a wet area (kitchen counter)?
A. Yes. Because of the GFI it passes code.

Q. Is there a seal to stop water getting in if this is on a countertop near a sink?
A. There is not a seal inside that prevents water from entering around the area where the outlet pops up but there is one between the counter and the cover.

Why Lew?

The Lew Electric PUFP-CT comes in an your choice of stainless steel, black, off white, and brass to match the look of any kitchen. The box has a waterproof gasket under the bezel to keep water out, tamper proof outlets, and is ETL listed; perfect for kitchens. 

To open simply push the button and hold till it is full open and the latch will will keep it locked in the tilted position so you can plug in your power, to close push the button again and push shut till it latches.

The PUFP-CT is an economical table box that can be used in a variety of settings where you need power including; conference tables, waiting areas, kitchens, bars, and much more. Installation is easy and allows this to be installed almost anywhere on any table surface, simply cut your hole and drop the box in and secure with 2 screws.

The perfect kitchen countertop electrical outlet solution.

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